Recognized for its durability and strength, asphalt is the most well-used option when it comes to paving driveways and roads. But roads are susceptible to degradation because of several reasons. Heavy traffic, ineffective drainage system, harsh weather conditions, and temperature can cause asphalt to create potholes and cracks, which degrades the road over time. While asphalt is recognized for enduring heavy load and harsh temperatures, improper maintenance might minimize its lifespan. Thus, regular asphalt road maintenance is important to get the perks of its enduring nature. In this article, we will be providing you a few tips on how you can maintain your asphalt paving Nashville effectively.  

Repair drainage issues 

Your asphalt paving can be damaged due to a poor drainage system. As a result, this may require you to get heavy asphalt replacement or repair. A poor drainage system enables water to infiltrate the base surface and eventually weaken it, forming potholes and cracks. Repairing such drainage issues by setting up underdrain or drain inlet may help. A decent drainage system guarantees you to have a long-lasting asphalt paving.  

Sealcoating and crack filling 

When your asphalt paving has cracks on it, expect water to weaken the road as they run through the cracks. Apart from that, heavy vehicle loads can cause the cracks to widen as well. Fortunately, this issue can be resolved by crack filling. You can either do this job yourself or you can also choose to employ an expert especially when the damage is extreme. Moreover, having your asphalt surface seal coated every few years can aid in boosting its lifespan. Plus, it keeps the surface from water seepage and harmful elements.  

Regular checkup 

Though asphalts can endure heavy traffic, a load of traffic can still cause your asphalt pavement to deteriorate especially you fail to maintain it properly. The best way is to minimize the heavy vehicle loads, such as delivery and garbage trucks on your driveway. Although, that’s not always the case. So, having your asphalt paving inspected regularly is one of the ideal ways to prolong its lifespan. A regular inspection enables timely repair and detection of any harm caused to the roads. To get regular repair and inspection, know that you can employ asphalt maintenance service from asphalt contractors near you. 

Ice and snow removal 

During the winter season, the thaw-freeze cycle can cause your asphalt road to crack. The accumulated water under the surface due to the freeze-thaw cycle mixed with the high temperatures and weight of traffic can minimize the quality of the pavement. Hence, regular ice and snow removal is an important requirement for keeping up asphalt roads. Though you can’t shovel snow regularly, you have to use an expert ice and snow removal service to get quality results.  


Aside from damage maintenance and inspection, cleaning your asphalt paving regularly can also help keep up your asphalt road. If you fail to regularly clean it, there’s a possibility that it may amass within cracks and leads to extreme damage. So, it’s best to clean it regularly to keep up its durability.